wrote my first Drama ("Grasos namai") when I was thirty-seven years old (1970). Since 1990 I have published ten dramas through all kind of different genres. From lyrical dramas, comedies, over tragedies to anti-utopias. In that times I was writing under ideological censorship. To avoid stumbling I had to use an inner censor, which controlled the actions and dialogs of the figures. Covered under metaphorical speech.

Vieno Tevo vaikai -  (Children of the Vater) - is my first drama, in that only the will of the figures dominates. I tried, as far as possible, not to distort the voices from the deepness. Up until today I'm struggeling to explain the meaning of the paradox "gossip" and actions of the figures to myself. This drama received the highest award from the directors of the expert commission - 1000 years Lithuania.

VIENO TEVO VAIKAI (Children of the Vater)

In this drama, covered behind a superficially simple and trivial language of the figures, lurks all the horror of that time: deportation, murder, fear, treachery and plundering. The figures are often acting in an irrational manner, roaring in an improper language, but at any time the reality is manifesting it self behind the words. This book not only reflects the full panorama of Lithuanian live, but also the family history of survival.
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